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The Story Behind The Courier

How we turned a dream into reality!

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The Dream

The dream for the Courier has been in our hearts for a few years. Bec saw the potential fun a mobile dessert shop could provide in the local community, making delicious ice cream available in unique locations. One late summer day of 2022 while searching options online, a little vintage 1970’s horse trailer popped up for sale about 3 hours away in Iowa. We quickly contacted the sellers and set up a time to pick it up that weekend. We felt fortunate that they kept it for us, as they had inquiries from several states away!

The Vision

It was in pretty rough shape as it had been sitting in a field for many years. Covered with lichen, moss and rust on the outside, filled with rotting wood, old wasp nests and moldy hay on the inside! You could see sunlight filtering through rusted holes and broken windows when we peeped in, and the tires were weatherchecked. (One blew on the way home!)  Not easily daunted, Bec could envision in her mind the beauty that The Creamery Courier is today! 


The Work

After some intense demo work, we dropped the trailer off at two local shops where welding and sandblasting and painting were completed. Then we picked up the work again, laboring many evenings late into the night finishing out the interior to get it ready to roll by spring. We truly have blood, sweat and tears into her!

The Dream Realized

We are up to state code and fully self-sustainable. Our vision for the decor was to evoke a glam, art deco vibe, reminiscent of a vintage ice cream parlor, with an upscale persona to accommodate a range of events.

The Creamery Courier.png
Image by Brooke Lark
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